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Aroid Potting Mix

Aroid Potting Mix


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Our Aroid Mix aids moisture retention for your plants to easily access water and nutrients, whilst remaining free-draining, allowing air space for the roots to breathe and travel through.


Pine bark, Coco coir, perlite, worm castings, activated charcoal and mycorrhizal root grow.

Pine Bark

Pine bark creates a light potting mix with air space and free draining capability. It degrades slowly, enriching the mix as it breaks down and whilst providing aeration, will also retain some accessible moisture for your plants. This allows them to access water without the risk of overwatering. 


Perlite is the most important element in improving aeration and drainage. It stimulates root initiation and vigorous growth whilst reducing the risk of damping off. It is inorganic and so will not break down, retaining structure and aeration of the roots and preventing compaction within the growing media. It holds moisture but does not become soggy, providing an optimum balance of air and water, making water logging almost impossible. Perlite is created under immense heat and its structure leads it to be an insulator, reducing temperature fluctuations.


Coco Coir is a by-product of the coconut and is an organic, environmentally sustainable, hardy, inert element of our aroid mix. It's a green alternative to peat moss, also lasting longer. Coir provides a great mix of water retention, reliable drainage and aeration, making it a perfect addition for improving soil structure. It gives the roots plenty of room, allowing for optimum air exposure and maximum growth. It also comes with anti-fungal properties, which make for healthier roots by protecting against diseases such as Pythium and Phytophthora.

Activated Charcoal

The addition of activated charcoal creates a more porous mix. This allows moisture retention without the growing media becoming waterlogged. Better yet, if overwatered, it can be useful for soaking up any excess water around the roots. Not only this, activated charcoal helps guard against bacteria, fungus and rot. It also helps to eliminate odours, and is particularly effective in terrariums.

Worm Castings

The addition of worm castings adds a huge boost of micronutrients, vital in getting the best results from your plants. These include zinc, copper, manganese, carbon, cobalt, and iron all of which are absorbed into your potting mix as you water, making nutrients available to plants immediately. Also, worm castings have been found to help protect from certain plant diseases, including root and crown rot, whilst inhibiting pests such as mites, aphids and mealy bugs. 

Mycorrhizal Root Grow 

A natural, plant friendly fungi which benefits your plants by helping them establish quickly and with more success when repotting. Root systems are well developed and make better use of the space provided to them, with growth rate noticeably improved. Also helps to increase your plants hardiness and drought resistance. 

Additional Information

The Araceae family consists of ground-dwelling species, climbers and epiphytes. Aroids make up a huge portion of houseplant collections with 114 genera and about 3750 species. 

Notable genera of this popular family of plants include classics such as Monstera, Philodendron, Anthurium and Spathiphyllum while also representing many of the newer, more rare plants we now look to including Alocasia, Caladium, Scindapsus and Rhaphidophora. 

Whilst aroids represent a huge amount of our most loved houseplants, the conditions in which they thrive are similar. 

Many species in the aroid family start their life on the forest floor, but will eventually find their way to a tree or another larger plant to climb. This hemiphytic or epiphytic nature means that their aerial roots can firstly breathe and secondly do not sit in water. 

Despite deriving from wet areas of humid rainforest, aroids do not enjoy a soggy mix and require oxygen to be available for the roots at all times. 

Our Aroid mix aids moisture retention for your plants to easily access water and nutrients, whilst remaining free draining, allowing air space for the roots to breathe and travel through.

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