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Epipremnum Amplissimum 'Silver Stripe'

Epipremnum Amplissimum 'Silver Stripe'

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The variegated version of this lesser known Epipremnum which has beautiful sword shaped, glossy green leaves which can reach more than 30cm when mature. Blue/Silver markings can be seen, giving this rare plant an extra feature. It has a climbing habit like the classic epipremnum aureum but can also be used as a hanging plant. Originating in dense rainforests, this vine can be found climbing trees, much like a Philodendron. They thrive in shade and can be used in low light areas of the home. This plant is easy to care for making it great for beginners, if you'd like to see the mature leaf shape develop, we recommend giving it a support to climb.

Be sure not to overwater, letting the top two inches of mix dry out between waterings. Generally very hardy and keeps free from pests and disease.

Mature plant shown in last photo.

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Pictured and posted in a 9cm nursery pot.

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